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Our price for scalp micropigmentation (hair tattooing) starts at 5,000 CZK, and for a complete procedure, it can range around 49,000 CZK, depending on the condition of your scalp and the extent of hair loss. Entrust yourself to one of the best SMP artists in the Czech Republic – we only use the highest quality materials and products.

Additionally, we now provide a free hourly consultation. If you are interested in a smaller procedure focused, for example, only on the hairline treatment, the price is at the lower end.

It is always necessary to assess the condition of each client individually – we hold the agreed-upon price and use only the highest quality foreign resources and verified procedures that lead to perfect results.

Furthermore, each person has different skin, which affects its ability to retain pigment. If additional sessions are needed, we assure you that we will maintain the price we agreed upon before the procedure.

We recommend taking advantage of our consultation, during which we will provide you with all the necessary information for making the right decision.

Now, the hourly consultation is FREE!

The price varies depending on the stage of hair loss according to the Norwood Scale, which is the leading classification system used to measure the extent of hair loss.

Check which stage you are in.

Method: Hair thickening or full SMP

Number of sessions: 3

Session duration: 1-2 hours

Total hours: 3-6 hours

Price: 8,000-16,000 CZK

Method: Full SMP only

Number of sessions: 4

Session duration: 2-3 hours

Total hours: 8,12 hours

Price: 20,000-30,000 CZK

Method: Full SMP only

Number of sessions: 5

Session duration: 3-4 hours

Total hours: 15-20 hours

Price: 30,000-42,000 CZK

Method: Full SMP only

Number of sessions: 5-6

Session duration: 3-4 hours

Total hours: 15-24 hours

Price: 43,000-49,000 CZK

What makes BULLDOTS an exceptional choice?

At BULLDOTS Studio, you can experience the South Korean sense of detail delivered by artist Sory. We guarantee a more natural look thanks to the pigment applied in the upper layer of the scalp. This technique, called micropigmentation, is quite common in South Korea. Now, thanks to BULLDOTS, Czech men and women can also benefit from it.

Why does SMP with BULLDOTS require multiple sessions?

Because we care about the details. In the case of full SMP, completing the process in 3 sessions is not sufficiently natural according to our standards.

Why are multiple sessions needed to complete SMP?

SMP is performed in several layers. Each layer is created in the following session after the healing of the previous layer, allowing us to work on the next session (e.g., pigment retention, color, hairline design, dot size, etc.). A beautiful end result is achieved when multiple layers are created, providing sufficient darkness and density. To achieve good results, a minimum of 4 layers is needed, and depending on the stage of hair loss and the client’s skin type, 5-6 layers may be necessary.

Stories of our clients

It is important for us to provide our clients and prospective customers with reliable information about SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation).

We are responsible for providing people with reliable information. As SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) is a permanent procedure, it is crucial for us to give you all the necessary information before you decide to undergo hair tattooing.

Case Study: Full SMP

Norwood Scale: 5
Number of sessions: 4
Total SMP duration: 16 hours
Price: 32,000 CZK

Client’s review: “I would like to share my positive experience with scalp micropigmentation at BULLDOTS studio, and I must say that I am thrilled with the results.

The entire process was highly professional and comfortable. Sora paid attention to every detail and thoroughly explained the entire procedure during the initial consultation.

The micropigmentation itself was very precise, and the outcome looks incredibly natural. I was amazed at how my hair appeared thicker and more defined. I feel more confident and satisfied with my new look.

I want to thank the salon’s team for their professional approach and excellent work. I would definitely recommend scalp micropigmentation at this salon to anyone looking for a permanent and naturally-looking solution for thinning hair.”

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