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Restore Front Hair Line

Restore your receded hairline
with scalp micropigmentation.

➖ Do you have problem of receding hairline ? or alopecia areata if your hair falls out in spots ? SMP is solution for most of hairloss case. It doesn’t help to grow your hair back, but to free yourself from stress caused by hairloss. SMP can be solution for both case, partial hair loss or full alopecia.

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Add Density

Strengthen and add more density to thinning area.

➖ If you are under early stage of hair loss, Density technique can be your solution. SMP can covers problematic scope with imitated follicle dots and it hardly glanceable by people.Nowadays, partial hair loss is happening more and more in women, it is not case for men anymore. Density techniques covers those cases happened in women perfectly.

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Strengthen density on side line for perfect barber look.

➖ SMP can work for fashion barber look for men’s side hair line. Many people have unclear side hair line that they have no chance to have well-lined barber look. SMP can work in this case and give clear and well-groomed look.

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Scar Camouflage

Conceal the visibility of your hair transplant
(FUE/FUT) scar.

➖If you have scar from hair transplant or from any other accident happened in your life, SMP covers the empty scope. Feel free to contact our customer specialist and have free consultation. We will gladly welcome you and are ready to help people from issues of hair loss.